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Our Mission: Real Estate Agent Excellence

Perfect Communication

Quigler solves one of the consumer’s biggest complaints: lack of agent communication. With Quigler, Agents shine because the app takes care of the communication for the Agent, automatically notifying consumers every time an Action is completed. In addition, consumers get a running record of every Action their agent has performed, time stamped and dated. And it can even write an Agent’s update letters to clients.

Sage Advice from Informed Agents

Quigler lets Agents empower clients with knowing every step of the transaction process clearly. With Quigler, Agents lift the veil on the transaction and become experts at doing everything right, while Consumers always know how much their agent is doing for them and when they did it.

Stellar Online Reputation

Quigler makes it easy for Agents to manage their online reputation with stellar objective ratings that cannot be manipulated or censored, that demonstrate this agent is doing everything right.

Quality Consumer Leads

Quigler puts an Agent in the flow of consumers who are looking for a highly rated Agent and then funnels leads with no referral fees. Consumers want an Agent they can trust, who gives them transparency and accountability, and who communicates wisdom and advice throughout. Quigler is where to find them.

In short, Quigler gives both consumers and Agents peace of mind.

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