Why you need Quigler now

Quigler is a revolutionary application that makes it easy for real estate agents to give you unprecedented transparency and accountability while always keeping you “in-the-know” with instantaneous text or email communication of everything your Agent is required to do, when he/she does it.


Here’s what your Agent will give you.

Simplified Process
The whole transaction process is now simplified into easy-to-follow Steps and Actions, from A to Z, available 24/7 on line or on your iPhone (Android coming).

Total Transparency
Agents who use Quigler throw open the window on the opaque process and give you never before possible transparency that helps earn your trust. With Quigler an Agent tells you in advance exactly what he/she is required to do by federal and state law and the Code of Ethics. Now you know what your Agent knows. And with our revolutionary “Why?” tab you can read the exact citation from law or Code of what your Agent must do. You’re never left in the dark.

Find an “A” Rated Agent
Quigler gives you peace-of-mind knowing you can easily find “A” rated agents in your area. Just go to Search and start looking.

Instant Communication
Every time your agent performs a required Action, you get a time-stamped and dated text or email, creating a running record of every Action your Agent performed. You’re never left wondering what your Agent has done.

“A” Level Performance, 24/7
Log in anywhere, anytime, to see how well your Agent is performing. Meanwhile, the Agent can do the same and can always self-correct in order to keep operating at an “A” rating every day.

Invite an Agent: Didn’t find your favorite agent in Quigler’s Search? No problem. Just enter their email, name and service area. We’ll tell them you’re looking for someone who can provide the benefits Quigler offers.
Join now: Agents in all 50 states (Mexico and Canada coming) can use Quigler to provide you welcome transparency, a simplified process, lightning fast communication and the commitment always to operate at an “A” level. The requirements of Federal law and the Code of Ethics are loaded for all 50 states. New York State is the first with the additional state content. More states are in process and by joining now you’ll be the first to know when your state is completed.

Start using Quigler today! You’ll enjoy the real estate experience you’ve always dreamed about from an “A” Agent committed to performance and earning your trust.

Join here. It’s FREE.

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