10 Reasons why Real Estate Buyers and Sellers need QUIGLER

Quigler is a revolutionary app that provides never before possible transparency and accountability from real estate agents for real estate buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. How?

Find “A” Quality Agents: Quigler helps you to find an “A” agent, one who specializes in what you own and who has agreed to comply with almost 80 ethical guidelines required by law and the real estate brokerage industry.Just tell the system if you are a buyer, seller, landlord or renter.Then, tell Quigler in what location you are looking.Up will pop the Quigler agents in your desired area.

In case you are looking for someone specific who is not yet in Quigler, just enter their email and, we will tell them you are looking for them.
Be in the know with Easy-to-follow Steps and Actions: Even if you haven’t yet chosen a Quigler agent, you can still access Quigler’s easy-to follow Steps and Actions, comprising everything required by federal, state and local laws, the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS® and consumer protection laws.As an informed consumer, you’ll know everything your agent is supposed to know and you’ll know when your agent did it and why it is important to you.Why? tab: While in the program you’ll find our soon-to-be famous “Why”? tab. It tells you (and your agent) the exact rules required by law and the industry. And they are not subjective opinions, but required objective Actions.Tips : Under the Tips Tab, you’ll find a whole body of consumer information not required by law or Code, but which is wisdom from the field that enhances your chances of success.
Clicking on Why? and Tips? Will give you encyclopedic information about your transaction meaning you’ll know as much as your agent does.
Get Daily Communication: The #1 complaint with agents is that consumers don’t know what their agent is doing and, they don’t hear from them enough. Quigler makes that a concern of the past. Quigler gives you real time notifications every time your agent confirms that they have completed an Action. Second, you get a complete Update Letter of ALL the Actions and Steps your agent has completed, a total record of what they did, when they did it and why? Isn’t that nice?With Quigler you’ll be empowered to always be in the know.
Critical Showing Feedback: Quigler updates you after every showing because feedback from showing agents is critical to your making informed decisions. Never again wonder what the buyer thought of your property or why they didn’t buy it.
Plan your Marketing: You hire an agent to market your home. With Quigler you and your agent can plan the marketing of your property together, choosing from more than 25 tried and true marketing Actions. You and your agent decide which ones apply to you. When all this is done you have created a customized marketing plan with your agent.And, this marketing plan is an organic document that encourages creativity from your agent who can easily add as many other cool marketing ideas as you both want.
Know how to respond to Offers and Counter-Offers: When it’s time for offers, Quigler not only gives you the rules that agents should follow, but also valuable Tips that are sure to put you ahead of the game.
Negotiate successfully: When you get into Negotiations, Quigler helps you to be tough, but also fair, so you don’t lose the deal. Quigler gives you advice and tips that can help you to get the deal done.
Grading you can trust: Unlike other grading sites, Quigler issues grades to your agent in an entirely new way. Up to now most online grades and reviews have been SUBJECTIVE, but they are often hard to believe because agents get their friends and family to write good reviews, thus compromising the grade’s integrity. Quigler changes that. Quigler’s grades are derived from objective industry best practices that are based on easy-to-follow Steps and Actions. Quigler is the first app to bring you objective grading free of manipulation and subjectivity. In other words, it’s an objective grade you can trust.
Constant Consumer Oversight: Another problem with most reviews is that they are written after the transaction is closed and finished. Quigler changes that, too. Because Quigler grades the agent on each Step during the process, you know how they are doing every Step of the way. If they are not earning a good grade after several Steps, a conversation should follow.
Real Time Agent Improvement: Even better, your agent can wake up every morning and see their grade. Anything less than an “A” requires work. Your agent can immediately improve and end their day always operating at an “A” Level. This, too, is truly revolutionary. By serving as an online mentor and coach to your agent, Quigler raises the bar on the whole industry keeping your agent in top form. Now every agent can always operate at an “A” level because every Quigler agent has all the answers to the test before they take it. That means you as a consumer get a higher standard of service, every single day. Quigler’s unique grading is not punitive, but constructive and helpful to an agent all along the way, keeping the agent and you on course.

And so… we named this extraordinary new app “Quigler” standing for Quick, Unbiased, Individual Grades Leading to Excellent Results.

That’s Quigler.

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