A word from the Founder about customer service

So often we are all sorely disappointed by tech companies who either do not provide customer service, charge extra for it, leave customers to figure it out for themselves, or who just abandon customers to “hold” for long periods before anyone can talk “live.”

We believe that if you take care of your customer first, the bottom line will take care of itself. With that in mind, we pledge to give you, our customers, an extraordinary help experience, if you need it.

We feel this is especially important because the average age of sellers is 56 years old and the average agent’s age is the same. When this generation has a problem or a question, it wants to pick up a telephone and talk to someone.

We also know that such customer service costs money and that, at this moment, we are a start-up. Our focus has to be on bringing in revenue to support our new company. Therefore, in the interim, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at info@Quigler.com. There are 4 of us who will try to get back to you as soon as possible. In the not too distant future, we promise you a customer help system better than anyone’s.

If you are part of the under 40 crowd that is comfortable with mobile technology and mobile apps, it is unlikely that you'll need our customer service line.

But if you do, know that it is there for you.

David Michonski, Founder