9: Tips on How To Talk To Your Clients About Quigler

While Quigler automates your updating of clients and even creates a running record of all the required Actions you performed, Quigler is NOT a substitute for direct verbal communication with your clients. Rather, it's a tool to facilitate better responsiveness and communication with your clients.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts.

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Tip 1: DO tell your clients in advance about Quigler and how it will help your interaction.

"Quigler will help you to always know everything I am doing and why it's required. You'll never be in the dark and you'll know everything that the law and regulations require me to know and do."

"Here's how it works..."

Preferably, you'll be sitting in their living room demonstrating how Quigler works, but if not, you can even do it over the phone. All you must do is ask them to take out their iPhone (soon Android) and accept your invitation. Then you can show them how you have filled out the Ethical Checklist and they can see exactly what you have agreed to do.

In addition, we've provided a demo Action for you to use titled "Welcome to Quigler". Hit that and they'll immediately receive the following notification from you:

"Thanks for putting your trust in me. I'm looking forward to working with you. Quigler is going to help keep you constantly in the loop by telling you everything I am required to do and telling you when I do it with a notification like this one. It's going to be a something beautiful."

Tip 2: DON'T simply hit "Yes" on an Action and think you have communicated.

Some Actions require you to "Discuss", "Review " or "Give your client" something. Such notifications of completed Actions should NOT come as a surprise to your clients, but are the result of a physical interaction with them.

For example, after you've had a discussion with your client, you can confirm that this Action has been completed by selecting the "Yes" option. They'll get a notification and now you both have a record that this conversation took place.

The same would apply to reviewing something. The review happens in person or over the phone, but when you're done you notify your client that the review is completed and that they'll receive receipt of its completion. You select "Yes" to that Action and your client is sent a notification.

Ditto for when you're "Giving" something to your client, such as a document that needs to be read or signed. Whether this happens in person or remotely, as soon as they sign off, pick up your phone, select ‘Yes' to that Action and your client will receive that notification instantly.

Quigler keeps you communicating with your client and helps you to demonstrate how much you are doing for them, while creating a running record, so they NEVER forget.