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Invite Sellers and Buyers to join you on Quigler

Now that you know what clients want, give it to them with Quigler and earn their trust.

In the process, build your business.

First, using the "Invite" feature, bring all your Buyers and Sellers into the app. Let them know that you're a step ahead of the crowd and that you take seriously the ethics, accountability, transparency and communication they want.

Even if they're not ready to buy or sell right now, they'll remember you. That may lead them to refer you to their friends, helping you to build your referral business.

By inviting them to Quigler, you’re building your online reputation for honesty, integrity, good ethical behavior, total transparency, daily accountability and instantaneous communication.

In short, invite your prospects to Quigler, earn their trust and get more business.

Trust comes from transparency

Demonstrate how Quigler allows you to lift the veil on the transaction and how you are different because you empower your clients with complete transparency.

Show them that you want them to know everything you know and that’s why you’re a Quigler member.

Then, cure that nagging sore point clients have about a lack of communication from agents.

Show them on THEIR mobile device how they will be notified every time you complete an Action.

Boldly show them how you provide daily accountability by getting a rating 24/7 and show them how they can see it on their iPhone or the web application. No other Agent can provide this kind of transparency and accountability. WOW!

Give them what they need and want and they’ll not only trust you more, but love you, too.

Stand out from the crowd

Use Quigler in all your prospecting to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Remember, like the airline industry, our business is viewed as an "undifferentiated industry" – in other words, both airlines and agents are considered the same except for the price charged. So differentiate yourself and show how you are worth more.

First, tell consumers that you've re-confirmed your commitment to the Code of Ethics and have received an "A" rating.

Build your online reputation by posting your "A" ratings EVERYWHERE: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your company profile, your marketing materials, press releases, and so on.

Earn your prospective client's trust by reassuring them that you do everything that industry best practices require.

And then watch your business grow, your confidence soar and your reputation shine.