Review and Complete the Ethical Checklist

Now that you have a profile, you want it to feature your first "A” grade.
To get your first “A” grade, review and complete the Ethical Checklist.
Here's how to complete it and why it's so important.

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Why do you need an Ethical Checklist?

The National Association of REALTORS "Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers" says that the most important traits consumers want in their agent are being ethical, honest and trustworthy, as well as having a stellar reputation.

In fact, 98% of Buyers and Sellers surveyed ranked "honesty and integrity" first in terms of the "importance of real estate skills and qualities" in an agent.

Stop and ponder that.

Your prospective clients consider trust to be the most important of YOUR "real estate skills” and Quigler is THE app that helps you showcase those skills and leads to the trust consumers demand.

Like a great mentor, Quigler will guide you through everything required by our industry's best practices. In short, Quigler allows you easily to provide unprecedented transparency for your clients and instantaneous communication that leads to gaining their trust.

Of course, Quigler can't make you ethical. It can only remind you of your ethical commitments, ask you to reconfirm them, and then demonstrate to prospective clients that you promise to comply with these ethical principles.

That’s why Quigler gives you a "mini" review course in ethics - and then helps consumers connect with you, an agent who has reviewed, confirmed and is committed to the high ethical standards they want.

Let Quigler help you build your online reputation. Let consumers know of your commitment to building their trust in you by being ethical, honest and trustworthy.

Review and confirm the Ethical Checklist

Review the Ethical Checklist and confirm your commitment to upholding the Code of Ethics of your Board or Association.

There are no surprises.. You've already agreed to do everything found here.

Read each question and then check the box on the left.

The Why? tab

Want a refresher as to why you need to check the boxes? Click the "Why?" tab and see the exact citation in the regulations or the Code of Ethics. All the essential quotes are always there in one easy-to-find location. With Quigler, you’re always “in the know” as to why you’re required to perform an Action. When you get to the Steps and Actions, every Action will have a Why? and Tips tab. We’ve even ordered the Steps somewhat sequentially so you know when to do them.


The Ethical Checklist only takes a few minutes to complete and is helpful for both new and experienced agents.

Now, your prospective clients will know you follow the rules and an ethical code and have reconfirmed your commitment to following both.

When you're done, hit "Submit" and you'll earn your first "A-rating", which will be added to your Quigler profile.

Congratulations! You've demonstrated to your prospective clients your willingness to comply with the ethical principles of your industry. Also, you’ve demonstrated that you've got the qualities clients consider most importance in their agent: honesty and integrity.

And that leads to gaining their trust.

Look at your profile

Quigler will indicate in your profile that you've completed the Ethical Checklist and agreed to follow industry best practices. Everyone who looks at your profile will know.

Having your ethical commitment front and center in your profile will set you apart from those who never mention a code of ethics. . It will show your prospective clients how different you are from the herd and help to build their confidence and trust in you.