7: Why "Over Communicate"?

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Why "Over Communicate"?

93% of clients surveyed consider "responsiveness" as among the "most important real estate agent skills and qualities", while 86% thought that "communication" was.

And yet the industry is still criticized for its lack of communication skills.

In fact, if you look at any of the National Real Estate surveys the number one complaint from consumers against Realtors is the lack of communication skills.

The solution? To be more responsive to, and communicative with, your clients.

Give Your Clients What They Want

Quigler helps you by giving you the responsiveness tools and communication skills your prospective and current clients want from you.

It provides immediate client notifications every time you perform an Action and creates a running written record, saving you hours if not days of time updating your clients.

And what about those first-time home Buyers who comprise 40% of the market and are often younger?

They say it's "important" that you communicate with them via text messaging constantly.

And that's exactly what Quigler does.

Here's how it works

As soon as you click on an Action under a Step, Quigler sends your client a confirmation message that includes time and date stamps.

Bingo! You've now solved the consumer's biggest problem with the industry by being both responsive and communicative – you keep them totally up to date and empower them with transparency into the transaction. . Your client is never left in the dark.

And you may have just reduced your chances of a complaint, not to mention a lawsuit

Now, you can over-communicate and always win with your clients. Quigler helps you to do it.