4: Practice Makes Perfect

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Step 1: Know the purchase process

In the National Association of REALTORS's "Profile of Buyers and Sellers," 92% of all respondents thought that "knowledge of the purchase process" was among the "most important real estate agent skills and qualities".

60% of all Buyers (79% of first-time buyers and 51% of repeat buyers) said that helping them to understand the process was the number one benefit of using a real estate agent.

So your prospective client thinks the number one benefit of using YOU is that you can help them to understand the transaction process.

In effect, your prospective client wants a "Google Maps" or "Mapquest" for the real estate transaction to guide them, turn by turn, from beginning to end. Given that the transaction is getting more complex every year, they need this assistance more than ever.

Quigler is that map for this industry.

Now, you can offer it to your clients, FREE, providing them with complete insight into the buying and selling process, turn by turn, from start to finish.

It provides your client with the most in-depth understanding of the process ever devised, totally done for you, available from YOU, for them, 24/7.

Now, when they want to know the process, they can access it in easy-to-follow Steps and Actions, provided by YOU. This solidifies you as an EXPERT, and saves you time explaining routine parts of the process. Now you can focus 100% on closing the deal!

Step 2: Go to the Dashboard

To familiarize yourself with the process, you need to practice. After all, practice makes perfect.

We strongly encourage you to go through each Step and Action at least twice for a seller and twice for a buyer.

Step 3: Add a new Client

In another Tutorial, we'll show you how to invite your existing or prospective client to join you in the Quigler app. For now, since we're practicing, create a "test Seller" or "test Buyer" by following these easy steps...

Step 4: Choose a "Seller"

Let's practice on a demo "test Seller". Fill in the name for your demo "Seller" and use testseller@quigler.com as the email. If you would like to see what information your client will receive, type in an email address that you have access to. Remember that this cannot be the address that you used to sign in to Quigler.

Step 5: Choose a "Seller"

  • Click "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the second page, select any Property Type you want to explore
  • Click on the "Submit" button to get started.
  • Now you'll get a confirmation screen assuring you the invitation has been sent.