Practice Makes You Perfect with Test Drive

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Practice Steps and Actions with Test Drive.

In the National Association of REALTORS’ "Profile of Buyers and Sellers," 92% of all respondents thought that "knowledge of the purchase process" was among the "most important real estate agent skills and qualities."

61% of all Buyers (80% of first-time buyers and 51% of repeat buyers) said that helping them to understand the process was the number one benefit of using a real estate agent.

So your prospective client wants an Agent they can not only trust, but who also knows the process cold. Their view is that the # 1 benefit of using YOU is that you can help them to simplify and understand the complex transaction process.

In effect, your prospective client wants a GPS for the real estate transaction to guide them, turn by turn, from beginning to end. Given that the transaction is getting more complex every year, they need this assistance more than ever, and so do you.

Quigler is that GPS. It allows you to be the Agent of transparency, guiding clients Action by Action through the complexities of the real estate transaction. In addition, it empowers you to give them the communication they demand with immediate notifications, 24/7, right on their iPhone or the web application.

You can offer it to your clients, FREE, giving them complete transparency and guidance into the buying and selling process, from start to finish. It solidifies you as an EXPERT on the process, and saves you time explaining routine parts of that process.

Now you can focus 100% on closing the deal!

Take a Test Drive

To familiarize yourself with the process, just practice. After all, practice makes YOU perfect.

Before you invite a consumer to join you on Quigler, under Settings click on “Take Quigler for a Test Drive” and start practicing. We strongly encourage you to practice going through each Step and Action at least twice for a seller and twice for a buyer. It won’t take long and you’ll find it’s really enlightening.