Complete Your Profile

Complete your Quigler profile so that Buyers and Sellers can find you in “Find an Agent.”

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First, define your agent type: are you a Seller Agent, Buyer Agent, Landlord Agent or Tenant Agent? You can choose more than one.

Quigler provides the Steps and Actions for each of the above transactions. Depending on your State and the type of transaction you choose, different Steps and Actions will pop up for you to follow.

Second, fill in basic information about where your Service Areas are located. You can add as many as you want, but remember that consumers are interested in agents who specialize in what they own and where it is located. Being a generalist in too broad an area will hurt you more than it will help you. So be specific. Tell consumers what you know best.

Third, get your photos ready

If you’re on the web app, search your documents for photos to upload. Choose a profile picture and a cover image. The cover image can be a picture of yourself, your town or a picture of your family - whatever suits your brand. Then choose six more pictures of anything you like.

If you’re working off an iPhone, open the email attachment on your iPhone.

On the bottom Click the arrow pointing left.

Click on "Save Images".

Quigler will save your images under the "Photos" icon.

Fourth, add your profile photo

Go into your Quigler profile.

Select "Edit Profile".

Click "Edit Profile Image".

On the iPhone, hit "Photo Library".

Find your chosen profile photo.

Click on it to upload.

Fifth, add your background photo

Go into your Quigler profile

Select, then click on "Edit Cover Image".

Hit Photo library.

Find your photo.

Click it to upload.

Lastly, add more images to enhance your profile

Under "About" you can now enhance your profile with up to six more photos of anything you want. Upload JPEGs of past sales - even a picture of your cute dog and beautiful family if you think it'll add value to your overall image.

When you are finished, hit "Save and Publish"

You're done. Easy peasy.

Congratulations on completing your profile! Remember, you can edit it at any time.

Just go to Edit and change it.

Now, hit "Find an Agent” and see how you look.