Become an “A” rated Agent

Quigler will help you to enhance your online reputation.

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Quigler is also a rating app and will help you to enhance your online reputation by helping you to earn “A” grades.

Why is that important? Well…. do you check ratings before you buy something or hire someone? Of course you do. Today, everyone first checks out a rating somewhere.

Therefore, to be found and hired you need a rating.

A study by Zillow found that 53% of agents (more than 600 000) are now using rating sites to secure a rating. To compete, you have to be one of them.

And because 44% of prospective property buyers consider an agent's reputation before they choose them, you need to build your online reputation and maximize your good ratings to survive and prosper in this business.

Create and keep a stellar online reputation

Simply put, Quigler helps you to get and keep an "A" rating.

Even better Quigler's ratings are based on objective industry best practices - practices you learned in licensing school, in your continuing education classes, and in your quadrennial Code of Ethics training. They are not subjective ratings and cannot be manipulated or censored.

In short, Quigler’s ratings can be trusted by consumers and that is why you want to earn one as soon as possible.

Understanding why?

With Quigler you have a mentor, a friendly guide who walks you and your clients through the complex real estate transaction. Everyone can relax knowing that important Steps required by regulation or Code will not be forgotten or overlooked.

Even better, both your clients and you have the "Why?" and "Tips" links to guide you through what the regulations or Code actually say you are required to know or do.

Quigler simplifies everything you required and puts it in the palm of your hand. Now you'll never miss a Step or an Action in the whole process. You can continue to build your reputation as an “A” rated agent by being proficient in what regulations and Code require. .

Check your rating

Best of all, you can see your rating every Step of the way, 24/7.

But…what happens if you get less than an "A" rating? No problem. Quigler makes it easy to correct and recover by giving you a warning whenever you answer incorrectly.

Answer incorrectly and right in front of you a screen appears that says: “Are you sure?” This is clear tip off that you should provide the other answer.

Quigler is not a test. Rather, it is a friendly guide, ALWAYS keeping you on the right track and helping you to avoid going down the wrong path. And this means you can always self-correct. Before you go to bed at night check your grade with every client. If you have anything less than an A, correct it immediately by answering with the other answer. Your client will get an immediate notification and you will always sleep well knowing you are operating at an “A” level. You’ll also know what to do correctly the next time.

Objective ratings in real time that ensure you're always operating at an "A" level?

Now that’s a WOW!

Calculating ratings and grades

Here's how you can fully control your objective "A" rating.

Every Quigler step is worth 100 points and each Action in that Step is equally weighted. For example, if there are 10 Actions in one Step, each Action is worth 10 points.

When you finish the Actions under a Step, Quigler issues a "Step Rating." 90-100 points is an A- to A+, 80-89 points is B- to B+, and so on.

When you complete the Actions for two or more Steps, your ratings for each Step are averaged and you get an "Ongoing Grade."

Final Grade for the whole transaction

Finally, when you finish the transaction, all your "Step Grades" are averaged to produce your "Final Grade" which you can choose to publish on your profile.

And remember, as you move through this process, you always know how you're doing at each Step because you always see your grade at each Step.

With Quigler, YOU control your rating and grade!

You're always on track with your client and you can always control your rating by knowing and doing exactly what you're supposed to do.

It's all simple, easy and fast. Just follow the Steps and do them.