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For the web application go to In the upper right corner of the screen click “Register.” If you have an iPhone, download the Quigler app from the App Store and enter your name and password. The web version and the iPhone versions of Quigler synchronize with each other. Therefore, whatever you do on the web app will appear on the iPhone and vice versa. Android is coming.

If you’re an Agent, remember to use your work email address and choose a password that’s difficult for other people to guess. Also, you need to have access to this email account to validate your Quigler profile. If you’re a consumer, use the email you want Quigler to use for communicationg with you.

Validate your email by clicking on the confirmation link sent to you.

After you’ve registered, open the email that was sent to you. Click to validate your Quigler account. If you do this on your phone, you'll be taken back to Quigler to complete the registration process.

Read through the Terms and Conditions and agree to them.

Basically, the Terms and Conditions tell you that Quigler owns the content of the application and you cannot use our content (the Steps and Actions and how they are organized together with the Why? and Tips tabs), for any commercial use other than for your personal use when you are a member, copy it or reproduce it in any way, shape or form. In addition, it tells you that we own the functionality that allows us to convey that content to you. The T & C also covers all the other legal stuff to which you are by now probably accustomed to agreeing. Simple enough, right?


Here’s an overview of the remaining Steps in these Tutorials

If you’re a consumer, fill out the contact information and you can then Find an Agent who is a member of Quigler in your area. If you do not find one yet in your area, you can “Invite an Agent” indicating your favorite Agent’s name and give us their email and other information that will allow us to reach out to them..

If your agent, begin by filling out your profile in order to be found by Buyers and Sellers in the Find an Agent section..

Then, take a few minutes and read through and answer the Ethical Checklist questions.

Finally, go to Settings and choose “Take Quigler for a Test Drive.” This will get you comfortable with all the Steps and Actions that make up the real estate transaction. It won’t take long to get that comfort. Then, you’ll be able to offer your clients unprecedented transparency, instantaneous communication and total accountability, all in one easy-to follow app. You’ll get yourself up and running in no time.